Lake of the Ozarks: Log Cabins

Lake of the Ozarks - log cabins

What better way to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings of the region than by staying in one of the many Lake of the Ozarks log cabins. These unique cabins give you a cozy and quiet atmosphere that is perfect for a visit to rural America while providing all the modern amenities.

Several private individuals and companies also offer log-cabin rental, some with central heat and air conditioning, plus all the appliances and other modern amenities you may need. Prices range from $39 up for two adults, with an added fee for additional persons. These cabins are also available on a weekly basis. Check with the vendor/property owner for prices on extended stays.

It's easy to enjoy the outdoor experience in Lake of the Ozarks log cabins. Staying in one of these rustic cabins is sure to give you the feeling of being part of the great outdoors without having to learn about the camping experience in the process. As mentioned earlier, rental rates start at about $40 per night. This price includes at least two adults and all children under the age of six. Most property owners charge a reasonable fee for additional people. Be sure to ask about this before committing to a cabin rental, so you avoid surprises.

Some visitors start their search for a log cabin at Outpost Cabins, as close to a camping/outdoor adventure as you can get without sleeping under the stars. These cabins are literally tucked away in Lake of the Ozarks State Park, giving you access to the great outdoors without crawling into a tent at night. For the past 16 years, Outpost Cabins have provided year-round comfort with wood-burning stoves, comfortable chairs and sleeping room for up to six. Keep in mind that these are rustic cabins without electricity or running water. Visitors should provide camping gear, kitchen utensils, plates and silverware etc. Lanterns and flashlights are necessary as well. There are only eight Outpost Cabins so make your reservations well ahead of time.

The cabins provide access to a shower, restroom facilities, water source and parking area. Outside tables and grill are also provided, but tents and other camping accommodations are not permitted in the cabin-rental area. A small amount of firewood is provided with rental. Trash and cleanup are the responsibility of the renter. Plan on spending $40 minimum for cabin rental.

Lake of the Ozarks log cabins are all well-constructed, cool in summer and warm in winter. The level of modern amenities varies, though most privately owned rental units are much like an apartment or weekend condo rental. Bed sizes and styles also vary from one location to another. Many of the units have a deck for enjoying the scenery. What better way to experience the lake region?

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